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March 29, 2020

As our small part during this current crisis PRAXIS Conflict Consulting will be donating diapers and formula and will be collecting items for newborn to 24 month old children from March 30 to April 3, 2020 to be donated to Northern families who were in Winnipeg for medical treatment and are now stranded in the city and living at Kivalliq. If you have items at home or your business can purchase essential items such as formula, baby food or diapers please drop off at the side door of the business. We are all suffering right now but please consider partnering with us in doing something small to help those in need.

March 17, 2020

Hello clients, colleagues and friends.  On behalf of PRAXIS Conflict Consulting I would first like to wish both your personal and work families very good health and safety during this pandemic. It has been a time of grave worry for my family nearby and for those stuck outside of Canada so I meet you with great empathy for your concerns and also for the minor disappointments of missed events with family. Raising a baby on my own over the last year has made me familiar with social isolation but I cannot imagine the plight of those of you who are forced to continue to go out to work. I thank you for your efforts.

 Here is an update on the business:
1/ All in-person workshops for March and April 2020 have been postponed with new dates yet to be determined.
2/ Decisions have yet to be made with regard to workshops scheduled from May 01, 2020 ongoing. There is potential that some of the early dates may turn into online  sessions.
3/ Although I am unable to meet with you in person please let me know if you require a meeting by video conference or an online training to be scheduled for some of the members of your organization. There are many boards of directors who are requiring emergency advice.
4/ Please give me a call at 2044775985 if you need to brainstorm for 5 or 10 minutes with regard to an issue and I would be happy to assist without charge.
5/ If your bylaws, governance policies or organizational policies need review and updating now is the time to send me a copy n Word or Word Perfect so that I can get them ready for you.
6/ If you have an annual general meeting coming up please get in touch and we can talk about options for setting up a virtual meeting.
7/ Or if you would just like to schedule a video meeting to check in that would be great too.
Sending my sincerest wishes and prayers for health and safety.  Priti Shah


Priti Shah is a Facilitator, Trainer, Speaker, Coach, Mentor, Consultant, Expert, Mediator, Arbitrator, Lawyer, Workplace Investigator, Strategist and the CEO of PRAXIS Conflict Consulting in Winnipeg. Since 1990, Priti has specialized in providing organizations and individuals with affordable and effective dispute resolution, facilitation and training & development services.

In a one-stop shop, Priti’s clients have access to legal advice, arbitration, mediation, negotiation and conciliation services. Training & development services focus upon empowering individuals to problem solve as well as to build inclusive and respectful environments. Priti is also widely respected for her expertise in the fields of human rights, harassment and cultural diversity.

PRAXIS’ consulting services include workplace investigations, employment equity audits, policy development, coaching, strategic planning, meeting facilitation, critical incident briefing, appreciative inquiry and board development. PRAXIS Conflict Consulting is pleased to deliver a full range of services combining legal knowledge with cross-cultural understanding.

The word praxis means "the practical application of theory, rules, skills or knowledge".  The goal of PRAXIS Conflict Consulting is to help its clients make the praxis, meaning the aim of the firm is to provide its clients with awareness, knowledge and skills that can be turned into positive action within their personal and professional lives.

Priti sits on the Manitoba Health Appeal Board, is a Public Representative Councillor on the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Manitoba and a member of the Winnipeg Football Club Board.

Priti has travelled to 67 countries and represented the Government of Canada and the Organization for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights in September 1998 as an observer of the parliamentary elections in Bosnia & Herzegovina. She is committed to international development and traveled to Fiji in early 2018 to complete her tenth home build. In July 2018 she completed the Cycle of Hope for Habitat for Humanity Manitoba.  In March 2013 she also traveled to Birmingham, Alabama with Mennonite Disaster Service to assist with rebuilding tornado damaged homes.

Priti is also committed to the local community and volunteers extensively. She has been actively involved in joint fundraising initiatives with the Manitoba Bar Association and the Manitoba Theatre Centre. Since 1998 she has had parts in "Guys and Dolls", "Fiddler on the Roof", "Pajama Game", "Grease", "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest", "You Can't Take it With You", "Little Shop of Horrors", "Cabaret", "Inherit the Wind", "Chicago",  "The Producers",  "Gypsy",  "La Cages Aux Folles", and "Witness for the Prosecution." The productions have raised approximately one million dollars for the theatre and the community in Winnipeg.  In May 2005, Priti was awarded the Woman Entrepreneur of the Year Award for Contribution to Community from the Women Business Owners of Manitoba.

In addition to travelling, Priti enjoys spending time with her daughter, reading, dancing, musical theatre, working out, hiking, cycling, gardening and taking in the beautiful geography of Canada and the world.

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